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A extended narrative describing a hero of the people
A story that tries to explain how something began or came about
A song or poem written after the death of someone
Personification is when a non-living thing is given __ characteristics
__ is when your smoke alarm batteries burn down your house
A free __ poem has no rhyme scheme or pattern
Mystery, romance, sci-fi, and Westerns are different __ of literature
This type of figurative language uses the words "like" or "as"
A __ has fourteen lines and a set rhyme scheme
A __ is two lines of poetry that rhyme at the end
Descriptive language
A story that often has a religious or moral lesson
Two opposing ideas that reveal a truth, though it seems contradictory
Where a story takes place - time, date, location, etc.
An __ is a story or poem has a literal and figurative meaning
An indirect reference to a person or situation in another literary work
Conversations between characters in a story or actors in a play
A funny or sarcastic __ can sometimes be found on old tombstones
Calling a toddler a "rug rat" is using a __
The person who is telling the story
"Jumbo shrimp" is an __
Alliteration is the repetition of __ sounds at the beginning of words
__ is purposeful exaggeration of something, like in a Tall Tale
A poem that tells a story, like Gilgamesh, are called __ poems
"He jumped like a kangaroo" is an example of __ language
The __ is a story's hero, the antagonist is his opposite
A word that sounds like its meaning, especially describing noises
Using hints or clues in a story suggesting future events
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